Private lessons

Are you interested or have the need to learn Japanese, but don't have the chance to attend into a certain time frame? worry not, here at NLS have the solution

Empathizing in help the student to acquire the skills they want I the time frame they need.

Private lessons

Why to take a private course at NLS?

We believe that every student is different and that each one of them has their on aspirations and reason to study, with the help of our capable teacher experienced in the teaching of the Japanese language as a whole, we are sure to provide you with results at the end of the course tailored by yourself.

At your own pace, your own way!

Here at Ninjin Language School, we hear the needs of each of the students interested to take classes with us in order to create a course that meets their expectations. From the content to the schedule you need, we are to design just the right course you need to acquire and/or increase your Japanese skills.


Depending on the requests of our students and the skills they are looking to acquire and/or improve we are going to assign the right teacher needed for the job.

Great teaching

Being listening, reading comprehension or conversational abilities, we have the right material help you reach your limits and surpass them.

Reach your

Learn and improve your skills to reach that goal you have been longing for.

You can also visit and contact us on our social networks. Come and be a member of the ninjin family and turn your dreams into reality.

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