Multicultural Symbiotic
Support Center

Direct relationship with the NPO (No profitable organization) Multicultural Symbiotic Support Center. This organization was established in April 2003, from when is has been committed to actively supporting not only foreign people residing in Japan but also all students within Ninjin Language School to succeed in their goals whit the organization of different seminars and events for job hunting and intercultural events.


Nowadays, known as network society, the speed of how information is communicated has been rapidly developed, new meeting and communication places are also spreading to all over the world.

People from all around the world, are starting to gain interest in cultures and customs besides their own form other countries and people. Our team, “Multicultural symbiosis support center”, will provide support to help international students and people from around the globe to enhance multicultural understating and get happier and better lives for their future.

Doesn’t matter if you are an international student, and individual looking to improve your future or and organization, we are looking forward to have you join with us and reach greater highs together.

Support and activities