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Choose your ideal course and contact us

There are two types of course in which you can enroll here at NLS, Long-Term course and Short-Term course.

Te first step is to decide which is the best for you and for what you are looking for, as each one has different requirements to enter.

Long-term course requirements (1 ~ 2 years):

  • Eligibility Certificate Application (processes for student visa issuing).
  • Student visa application in the Japanese embassy in your country.
  • Having 12 hours or more of study time in you country (graduate from high school).

Short-term course requirements (2 week ~ 3 month):

  • Vacation Visa visa (Received upon entering Japan).
  • Being 16 year-old or older

Once you have decided which course style you would like to enter, send us a message by clicking here. Fill out the email form and let us know which of the 6 available courses you would like to enroll and any questions you may have, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Certificate of Eligibility application

In the case that you want to enter to one of our Long-term courses we are going to need the next documentation to help you apply for your certificate of eligibility. During all this process you will be receiving the help and support from us.

Long-term course

Documents needed:

  • School registration form. (Provided by the school or download it by Clicking here)
  • Graduation diploma of last academic accomplishment. (high school level or higher)
  • proof of skill or time of study of the Japanese language. (150 hours of study or language proficiency test)
  • Copy of passport. (Personal and sponsor)
  • 4 personal photos with color and white background. (Size 4mm X 3mm)
  • Account statement that guarantees payment of study and stay expenses in Japan.
  • Proof of current employment and annual salary of the sponsor.
  • Proof of relationship with sponsor. (Birth certificate)

※In order for us to being able to apply for you certificate of eligibility is important to deposit the application fee in the account that we will tell you before issuing your documentation with immigration.

※After issuing the documents with immigration, this process last 3 months before your COE is emitted.

Short-term course

In case of having interest on enrolling on a short term course, as you can enroll with the vacation visa by just sending us the School registration form via mail and telling us when do you wish to start (January, April, July or October), you are ready to go.

Student visa application

※ If you want to enroll in a short-term course, you can skip this step.

Once your COE is issued by immigration, we will make the preparations to send it to the address which you specified in your registration form along with your original documentation that you sent us for the application. This documentation is essential for you to apply for your student visa at the Japanese embassy within your country of origin.

Note: For us to send you your certificate of eligibility, it is essential for you to make the rest of the payment for the course, other way we will no be able to send it back to you.

Once you have received your COE, contact the Japanese embassy within your country in order to process and issue your student visa.

※This process takes 2 weeks form the time you apply for you visa until the time the embassy issue it back to you.

Prepare for your trip

1. Search for your flight tickets.

2. Search for accommodation (we will help you).

3. Pack your belongings.

4. And be ready to start a new chapter in your life to improve yourself and strive for a better future by learning this new skill while immersing yourself in this the beautiful and richness of Japan.


Frequently asked questions

Have a certificate indicating that you have at least 12 years or more of studies in your country of origin. It is also necessary to have proof of having 150 hours of study in the Japanese language or a certificate of a proficiency test.

Yes, once you receive your student visa, our school also supports you so that you can obtain the premise of being able to work part-time 28 hours a week, while at the same time attending your classes.

Yes, once your certificate of eligibility or COE has been issued and you have paid us tuition, at the same time we send the certificate to you in your country of origin specified in your application form, we will also return your most important original documents such as your graduation diploma among others.

You can also visit and contact us on our social networks. Come and be a member of the ninjin family and turn your dreams into reality.

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