Higher education
preparation course

Interested to study in japan? NLS will help you not only to improve your Japanese skill but also your procedure to enter the school of your dreams in Japan!

For those people who plan to enter a Specialty, University or master’s degree are welcome

Higher education preparation course

1 to 2 years course.

This course is designed so that the student, apart from studying the Japanese language, can also prepare to continue their studies after graduating from our institution.

For all those people who are interested in continuing their studies after high school or university here in Japan, this is the ideal course for you.

Improve your
Japanese skills

With the help of NLS experienced teachers and through our teaching program designed around “tasks” activities, you will be able to master the 4 most important skills of the Japanese language, “Reading”, “Speaking”, “Writing” and “listening”

Prepare for
your exams

Prepare for the proficiency exam in the Japanese language that you need the most to meet your goals, whether it be JLPT, BJT or EJU, we got you covered.

Enter the school
of your dreams

Here at NLS we will not only help you to search for your ideal school or university, you can count on us to support you in the preparation for your interview and the enrollment process of the school of your choice.

Course details

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Intermediate-Advanced
  • Advanced

Duration: 6 months

Level to acquire: JLPT N5~N4

In this course you will start with the basics of hearing and conversation, putting special emphasis in conversation. You will also be introduced to easier ways to read and comprehend information on your surroundings as well as a start up in a Japanese useful for daily basis.

Focus and goals of the course:

The objective of these first 6 months is to become familiar with the language and start using it in your day-to-day life to be able to undertake simple tasks such as shopping, reading and writing small emails or having small conversations about familiar topics.

Skills to Learn:

  • Study and reinforcement of hiragana and katakana.
  • 2000 words + 300 Kanji.
  • Greetings and introducing yourself.
  • Ability to listen and follow short and simple conversations.
  • Basic patterns and expressions of the language.
  • Ability to express ideas on a personal level.

Duration: 6 months

Level to acquire: JLPT N3

This course focuses on increasing the student's ability not only to listen and understand their surroundings but also to comprehend and act according in response to the interactions with other people.

Focus and goals of the course:

Being able to use advanced expressions and patterns for communication, as well understand key points of information on readings or conversations given to the student without prior preparation and respond accordingly to it.

Skills to Learn:

  • Increase of vocabulary to 5000 words and knowledge of Kanji to 1000.
  • Communication ability to communicate without prior preparation.
  • Express personal ideas in context of the conversation.
  • Ability to write ideas or opinions explained with simple reasoning.

Duration: 6 months

Level to acquire: JLPT N3~N2

In this course, the students learn how to express their own fields of interest with expressions, patters and words used by native people, letting the student increase their conversational skills to be able to participate in more interesting an abstract topic in Japanese.

Focus and goals of the course:

Being able to say and defend your own point of view on detail in different conversation topics or by writing, as well as being able to start to understand details in newspapers and essays.

Skills to Learn:

  • Increase vocabulary to 8000 words and knowledge of Kanji to 1500.
  • Usage of expressions and patterns used by native people on difficult conversations.
  • Capacity to explain in detail about any topic or field of self-interest.
  • Being able to write and read topics of common interest in a logical and reasonable way.

Duration: 6 months

Level to acquire: JLPT N2~N1

In this advanced course you will be able to learn new vocabulary as well as reading and conversational skills using material about historical events or current topics, whether from Japan or other countries. Also, you will be able to make presentations and debates alongside your other classmates in different topic to prove your abilities every day.

Focus and goals of the course:

Being able to interact with any native people using proper level of formality depending on the conversation partner with fluency and objectivity. As well as being able to read, watch or hear news and topics of common interest in your surrounding understanding these with ease.

Skills to Learn:

  • Increase of vocabulary to 10,000 words and Kanji knowledge to 2000 Kanji.
  • Learn specific words for specific topic and how to use them correctly in context.
  • Ability to read and understand different topics while understanding their meaning with ease.
  • Being able to read the environment and change Japanese formality level as needed.
  • Being able to read and understand with ease differs kind of readings.

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