Business course

Learn the ABC about the interesting ways of Japanese business manners and increase the possibilities on this international world we live today!

Teach you about proper manners and Japanese fluency to improve your standing and opportunities.

Business course

Japan is a country that is constantly expanding to make business in other parts of the world, this short-term course is design to all those people who are eager to improve their communication skills to their career and increase their opportunities not just here in Japan but also around the world.

Maybe you are trying to improve your Japanese business conversation and writing skills, acquire a new skill to look for a job here in Japan or in your own country. Either one, this course will prove to be helpful to you.

Business manners and self-introduction

From the basics of how to present yourself to the form and time of how to use the different levels of formality, you will learn step by step how to handle yourself fluently within the Japanese people and their customs.

Mails and letters culture and proper way write them

Japanese society, within its culture, has a distinctive way of writing letters and emails inside the business world, here you will learn the reason for each writing pattern and techniques that will be useful in for your career.

Resume writing, realistic Interview drills and conversation practice

Learn the correct way to write a Japanese-style curriculum. Also, do interview drills not only with our teachers but also with experts on different topics for further preparation and improve your opportunities.

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