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Who are we?

With the meaning “where a school exist,” Bunkyo is a district known as a “cultural city” as well as a meeting point for renowned people such as novelists, scholars and politicians since the Meiji era (1868~). It is a quiet residential area, blessed with a great atmosphere where you can find hospitals, the Tokyo University, the Tokyo Dome and a great variety of Japanese gardens.

Having as a rule a limit of 60 students, Ninjin Language School is committed to each one of its students to not only teach them the language and the culture, but also to support them in their day to day so they can be able to take flight with their own wings.

Who are we?


Visa support

From start to finish, we give you support and explain step by step what are the documents and necessary process in order to obtaining your student visa.

Accommodation search support

Worried about where you are going to live? we can help you in your search looking at the different kind of accommodations that exist here in Japan and support you in your decision.

Career planning

Before graduating with us you can choose between two paths, look out for work or higher education, we will give our all to support you in either one you decide.

Need advice and information?

Want to ask us something personally? Contact us to schedule a virtual appointment with our experts.

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Sign up for any of our courses that we have prepared for you. Whether short-term or long-term, each of these are designed so you can outdo yourself towards a better tomorrow.

Events and News

Visit us in our social media and learn more about our activities, events and school life on campus.

You can also visit and contact us on our social networks. Come and be a member of the ninjin family and turn your dreams into reality.

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