Three courses of NLS: Course preparing for higher education 2 years/1.5 years, General course 1 year, Short-term course

Enrollment Courses Period
April 2-year Preparing Course 2 years
General Course 1 year
October 1 and a half year Preparing Course 1 and a half year
Anytime Short-term Course 1 month or more


  1. Placement test (at the time of entrance)
  2. Fixed period test (September/February) : hearing, reading/comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary
  3. JLPT : Japanese Language Proficiency Test (June/November).
  4. BJT : Business Japanese Proficiency Test (July/December).
  5. The end of a term test : hearing, writing (reading/comprehension, grammar and vocabulary), conversation, and composition


The School Calendar

April Student enrollment
June EJU, JLPT mock test
September Term examination
Summer break
October Student enrollment
November EJU, JLPT mock test
December JLPT, BJT
Winter break
February Term examination
March Graduation ceremony
Spring break

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