Best team of teachers

NINJIN Language School Principal: Yamada Izumi

May 1985-March 1988
Special staff for Japanese Language Policy and Education, Agency for Cultural Affairs
May 1995-March 2003
Faculty member (professor)-International Student Center, Osaka University
Affiliate professor-Education and Environment Studies, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
April 2003-March 2017
Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University
Author of “Multicultural education I” (April 2012, Hosei University Press) and plenty other books

Be ‘global citizens’

We know that all of you are studying hard in Japanese language, culture, or society, which I highly appreciate. Please share with Japanese people and Japanese society your own language, culture, society and personal experiences. By doing so we can create an awareness of ‘global citizens’ contributing towards a ‘global society’.

All of us at this school, both students and staff, highly value this awareness. While we learn together, let’s overcome our difficulties and collaborate as companions, bringing a bright future for our global society in the 21st century.

Introduction of NINJIN Language School(NLS)

What is a Japanese language school? Of course, first of all, you are learning Japanese, understanding the unique thinking and culture of the Japanese, and also getting many new experiences through taking examinations and finding employment.

Japan is a country that is rapidly growing economically among in Asia, while leaving good traditional cultures. As there are not so many people who can speak Japanese in the world, so you would like to use it as a talent of yourself and develop and grow a lot, including business and entrepreneurship.

Everyone enrolled in the “Ninjin Language School” can extend their individuality and have many Japanese friends. We believe that we will help you to make your life succeed.

To students who are eager to get a job

Japanese companies need many excellent international students. We are teaching business manners education, simulated interviews and unique custom of Japanese companies. Lecturers who are experienced in famous corporates also advising about the required basic human resources of Japanese business people after entering the company. Anyone who wants to establish a company in Japan, we will support you aiming for ‘realizing your dreams in Japan’.


Courses of NLS:
Preparing course for higher education 2years/1.5years
General course 1year
◇Short-term course

Enrollment Courses Period
April 2 years Course 2 years
General Course 1 year
October 1 and a half year Course 1 and a half year
Anytime Short-term Course 1 month or more

Class Level

Beginner class 1. 2

◇Can carry out basic communication after cumulative conversation practice.
◇Can express your own opinions and thoughts, and explain them to a partner with a certain degree of cohesion.
◇N4 Pass Level

Intermediate class 1. 2. 3

◇Can think logically in Japanese.
◇Can summaries, give examples, ask questions, etc.
◇N2 Pass Level

Advanced class 1. 2. 3

◇You can state and support your opinions.
◇You can speak Japanese at the same level as a native speaker.
◇N1 Pass Level

Life in Campus



Tabunka Kyosei Shien Center

Non Profit Organization TABUNKA Support Center will support you!

During my 30 years of working experience at a Japanese language school, I have succeeded in helping over 20,000 international students graduated. I also have organized a number of activities that enhanced multicultural understandings between Japanese and foreign students.

I truly appreciate the education policies and concepts of NINJIN Language School to be led by Principal Yamada Izumi and well experienced teachers, and will give the students our utmost support.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities in deep contact with Japanese culture


In order for students to know and understand the Japanese contemporary culture, we invite university professors, corporate experts and organize seminars on several topic or corporate visits in collaboration with the Center for Support of Multicultural Symbiosis or Tabunka Kyosei Shien Center. We also provide opportunities to experience Japanese traditional culture and organize visits to various places of interest or popular spots.

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    15-minute walk from Tabata station, JR Yamanote Line/Keihin-tohoku Line
    10-minute walk from Sendagi station,Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
    10-minute walk from Hakusan station,Toei Mita Line
    7-minute walk from Tabata station,Tokyo Metro Namboku Line

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